I like this movie. I really can't say why. How about the songs? They're the worst of bubble gum pop. Half of them are by ELO, the other half sung Olivia Newton-John. How about the dancing? An aging Gene Kelly is still graceful, making everyone else around him look goofy. How about the acting? Michael Beck famously quipped: "THE WARRIORS opened many doors for me which XANADU then shut." Haha! Honestly, this film just tries too hard to be an endearing throw back to a lost of age of cinema (hence the constant Gene Kelly references). The love story stuff is all silly, but some of the musical numbers are, if completely incomprehensible, at least watchable and the motif of the 80s merging with the 40s comes across (actually, it gets pounded over your head). But somewhere between the idea of having "glowing mural paintings of Greek muses singing and dancing" and a completely inexplicable animation sequence in the middle of the film" things went awry, garnering the infamous review: "In a word, Xana-don't." Bastards.

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