X-Treme Teens

Surprisingly one of my more popular films to show to other suckers, er I mean, friends who agree to watch bad movies with me. The movie is very very dumb. It's alternative title is "The Boy Who Had X-Ray Vision" and it was made by, I believe, a German production company. How do I know? Well, the blurb on the back of the DVD case informs us that the plot is about "aliens trying to steal goggles that make people go invisible." Other than the fact that there are indeed goggles in this film, nothing else in that description is accurate in anyway. Having read the back of the box, I kept waiting for "aliens" to show up. They never did. It was then that I realized that whoever wrote the back of the box was obviously a (very, very poor) translator. It should have read soemthing like this "Communists trying to steal goggles that make people see in X-Ray vision." You can kind of see where the mistakes might come from. Anyway, this doesn't make the film any better. It's a kids movie, and can be appreciated for that. It also happens to be the first bad movie where I actually met a member of the cast. And not just any member, but the biggest name. You guessed it, Dennis Haskins!!! (chirp chirp). Er, uhm, Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell!!! (oooooooh!) That's right, he came to my school once and I had a picture with him and my improv group and he put his hand on my shoulder. We're totally BFF.

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