A fan favorite, to be sure. WILLOW isn't nearly as bad as many movies on this site, but it did fall short of its maker's original expectations. The main problem with WILLOW is that it's source material is too readily visible in a LORD OF THE RINGS meets STAR WARS sort of way. Warwick Davis' character plays Luke Skywalker crossed with Bilbo Baggins. Val Kilmer is Han Solo crossed with Aragon. General Kael is Sauron crossed with Darth Vader, etc. We've seen it all before. Despite the familiarity, WILLOW manages to remain inoffensive, likely due to the commitment of its actors. I found Kilmer especially enjoyable as it becomes quite clear that he's playing Madmartigan at least slightly gay. The film really becomes silly due to it's MacGuffin as the plot involves Willow transporting a baby princess who will one day overthrow the evil sorceress currently ruling the kingdom. The baby, for what's it worth, does a pretty good job acting in the film, but plot elements like stopping at an inn to get more milk or changing the baby's diapers just seem out of place in a fantasy universe.

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