Wild Things 3

You've got to hand it to a movie audacious enough to have lines like: "You killed Chad!" / "Pssh, whatever."

WILD THINGS 3 (aka Diamonds in the Rough) is the third remake of the original WILD THINGS, a film better known for its three-way sex scenes than it's noirish intrigue. WT3 follows suit showing us the occasional body double's breasts without too much concern for its plot or characters (who are all completely superficial and greedy, of course. And yes, I do mean all of them).

The only reason I'm even reviewing the thing (sadly, I now own all three of the films) is that WT3 traipses into the same sexual assault territory as, coincidentally enough, CRUEL INTENTIONS 3. The film begins (as do all Wild Things films) with a school assembly on sexual assault. Not long after, the step-father of one of the two female leads, who has been holding out on the step daughter's inheritance, "rapes" another high school student. Well, if you know anything about Wild Things, you know this is a complete setup. In a convoluted series of events we learn that the rape was actually a setup to force the stepfather to pass on the inheritance (the titular diamonds). More shenanigans and double-crossings ensue and there's not much reason to care about any of it.

But as always, questionable is the film's use of "staged" rape to set it's plot in motion. The film portrays a society rife in sexual permiscuity which some social critics have pointed out makes the line between rape and consent a bit grayer.

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