Total Recall

Best Arnold movie ever? I might have to nod my consent (though LAST ACTION HERO is right behind it). TOTAL RECALL is the kind of movie you want it to be thanks to its central gimmick. Arnold subjects himself to a machine which installs new memories in which he's a secret agent on a mission to liberate Mars from evil corporate fascists while screwing a beautiful woman who looks nothing like his way way way hotter wife (Sharon Stone, never looking better).

But things go horribly wrong and instead Arnold flips out and the supposed dream memory seems to become reality: Arnold actually IS a secret agent trying to save Mars and the Recall operation released that memory… or is the whole film actually just Arnold's dream portrayed as if it were "real"?

In my opinion, the film is only worthwhile if we assume that it's all a dream and can thus be properly psychoanalyzed. Otherwise it's just a loud obnoxious Arnold flick with no nuance. Of course, the ambiguity is the nuance and its what vaults TOTAL RECALL into truly great film status. Watch it and make up your mind for yourself!

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