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8/27/2008 BIG LOTS comes through again! On sale now are their $3.00 DVDs, much like their recent MGM promotion. But this time BIG LOTS has truly outdone themselves. Including in the DVD rack are staples of bad moviedom including the Madonna/Guy Ritchie catastrophe SWEPT AWAY; the auto-destructive Dana Carvey vehicle THE MASTER OF DISGUISE; HOWLING IV: THE ORIGINAL NIGHTMARE; the early Johnny Depp sex romp PRIVATE RESORT; Playboy bunnies as alien nurses in CANDY STRIPERS; and what the Golden Raspberries have declared one of the most enjoyable bad movies ever, SHEENA. And that's not all. I dropped $50.00-> How far will YOU go?
8/18/2008 Well I have returned from my trip to the great west and have brought back a couple reviews of some of the campiest places in San Francisco; to be posted over the next few days. I also still have several film reviews back logged which I'll be tackling as time becomes available.
8/02/2008 Greetings fellow campers! I'm announcing a brief hiatus as I will be doing some actual [?] camping out in the greater Yosemite area of California as well as enjoying the high life of San Francisco which, let's face it, is a pretty campy place. Alas, that means no new reviews for the next two weeks from me at least, but maybe Dan will pick up my slack. See you in a couple weeks!
7/28/2008 Spiffy little website has a few film titles online now that viewers can watch for free. I recently watched ROB ROY (of all things) and the quality wasn't half bad. I mention this here because one of the films hosted right now is none other than XANADU, one of the more enjoyable bad films ever made. You can watch it here. You can also snoop around for some cheesy TV, like episodes of Sci-Fi channels SCARE TACTICS in which B-grade acting and special effects are proven to actually be able to scare some idiots. Check it out?
7/17/2008 Happy anniversary Camp Academy! Actually I think I missed it by a couple days, but it was July 16th 2007 when the first major review of TRANSFORMERS was posted to this site, and hasn't looked back since. Except to find out the date of when I wrote that TRANSFORMERS review…
6/29/2008 What a busy couple of weeks it's been. The big news is that BIG LOTS is having a BIG SALE on MGM DVDs. All DVDs are just $3.00!!! (This news brought to us by this guy). There are few good films in there (to taste), some forgettable shleck, but also some great bad movies (including several Roger Corman films). I've shelled out over $50.00 over the past two weeks on movies, so rather than list everything on the home page, just follow this link to see what will undoubtedly be up-and-coming on the site. Till next time!
4/29/2008 Hi all, sorry to be gone so long. It's a busy time of year what between my thesis being due and graduation from Bill and Mary, lurved uv oled. Plus, my laptop bit the dust, so I've been forced to use public access computers for the past few weeks (you know, the kind with the really gross keyboards). Hopefully I'll get back on track in the coming weeks. But till then, I thought I'd leave you with an actual, official piece of campademia. For my Theories of Visual Culture class we had to write an in-depth analysis of everyone's favorite TV drama, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Naturally I argue that the show has camp out the ears. It also makes ardent use of the Camp manifesto by Susan Sontag. Check it out here: CSI
1/18/2008 Made five new purchases at the local Gamestop today including SPAWN, KING KONG LIVES, MORTAL KOMBAT: ANNIHILATION, HALLOWEEN III, and RED SCORPION. I think I might write an essay soon called "Seeing Red: Communists in the 80s" a comparative analysis of RED DAWN, RED HEAT, and RED SCORPION. That'd be cool, huh?
1/4/2008 Looking for a little more culture and a little less camp? Check out the debut of The Modest Proposal an online literary and cultural review journal written by people with similar interests (and at least passingly similar tastes) as me!
1/1/2008 So I've been busy ushering in the new year with a purchase of seven new films from Gamestop (currently running a buy 2 get 2 free deal on DVDs, check it out!) All sorts of goodies coming down the line including THE HOBBIT, RED HEAT, THE BLACK HOLE, and STREET FIGHTER. Here's to hoping 2008 is as great a year for camp as 2007.

12/4/2007 So I feel bad. I've reviewed two films of Katherine Heigl's, Prince Valiant and Knocked Up and let's just say they weren't the kind of "good" bad movies I've been alluding to. I was particularly toxic when it came to KNOCKED UP calling it a bourgeois happy-happy-joy-joy picture that reinforced all kinds of stereotypes without dealing with the real issues it claims to have tackled. Well, it turns out Heigl is of something of a similar opinion: "It [KNOCKED UP] was a little sexist," she says. "It paints the women as shrews, as humorless and uptight, and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys. … Ninety-eight percent of the time it was an amazing experience, but it was hard for me to love the movie." (reported by FoxNews). It's a good point, and sexism was not an issue I covered very intently in my review. So to one Miss Katherine Heigl, if you would ever like to take some time off from performing and spend some time reviewing the wide world of cinema, we would be proud to make you an honorary Campademic.

11/26/2007 Support Lindsay! I KNOW WHO KILLED ME comes out on DVD tomorrow, Tuesday November 27th!!! Grab it while it's hot! Or wait a few days for the price to get slashed… !!! According to Wikipedia the DVD will include the following: 1) Alternate opening 2) Alternate ending 3) Blooper Reel and 4 (get ready for it!!!) An extended strip dance scene. YES!!! AT LAST!!! More footage of Lindsay Lohan NOT stripping while bleeding profusely on a pole!!!

11/18/2007 A pretty huge update went up today: 6 new movies including an Arnold Schwarzenegger double feature and a CRUEL INTENTIONS sequels double feature as well. Throw in some video game and comic book movies and you've got a lot of good badness to get through. And if that hasn't gotten you excited, my HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL recap is three quarters done. I think "reimagining" is the word that should be on everyone's lips right now… See you soon!

10/15/06 So there's this local commercial which features a beautiful young woman asking the viewer "Do you want to play?" Displayed on the screen is a Text-Twist-esque game board. The twisted text reads: "O H L I D A Y" and the viewer must figure out what word they are supposed to spell. They get some help, the commercial fills in two letters for you "H _ _ _ _ _ Y." The hostess then says, "To help make sure you get it, we'll give you one more letter!" Thus "H _ _ _ D _ Y." If you know the answer, just text it in! Yup… this is what I do…"

10/6/2007 Whew, two big updates today. Check out the blurb of the Busch Gardens special feature PIRATES 4D! and also the long awaited recap of LAWN MOWER RACING.

9/4/2007 Kevin here. Posted a note on National Lampoon's Dorm Daze, a collegiate romp of moderate proportions.

8/26/07 Back at school. Raining cats and dogs outside! Hooboy! First bad movie since return to campus? Shapes and Colors, the spiritual sequel to Singing Babies.

8/22/2007 Well it's my last day of work before going back to school, so most of my thoughts are focusing on that. That said, in order to not go insane at my desk for the last few hours, I wrote a quick review of Kangaroo Jack. I'm also going to go through the already numerous pages on this site and try to get a consistent format going to make it even easier to find out just how bad some movies can be.

8/21/2007 Picked up five new movies last night to give plenty of fodder going back into the school year. Everything from Vertical Limit to the Vampire Slayings. Oh yeah!

8/20/07 I went camping this weekend. This site has the word "camp" in it. Discuss.

8/17/07 Tsk-tsk, ten days since the last major update. It hasn't helped that my Internet has been down at the house. Luckily BCSALL snapped the drought by recently viewing the Guttenberg "hit" Short Circuit. Of course, putting a Steve Guttenberg movie on this site opens up the flood gates so horrific I will disguise their utterance. Let's just say… Olice-pay Cademy-ay Equels-say.

8/07/07 I wish I had something witty to say, but I don't even know what to make of this other than, I dunno… Michael Bay is definitely an asshole. How people like Spielberg work with him is beyond me. Anyway, read for yourself about Michael Bay, witness for the prosecution in the Phil Spector trial.


Me: So in a weird cosmological coincidence every movie I watched [this weekend] was about people who don't wear shirts. The Passion of the Christ, for obvious reasons. But also Staying Alive, Showgirls, and I Know Who Killed Me.
Anonymous Female: It wasn't a weird cosmological coincidence, it's because you're creepy.

8/05/07 It's been a busy weekend on the bad movie front. I saw the new Lohan vehicle I Know Who Killed Me last night in theaters. It's a bad movie, to be sure, but if you want to hear some points of view different from the widespread panning the film received from critics, check out the message boards on which seek to give an alternate explanation to the events of the movie. I wasn't convinced, but maybe you will be. Lohan wasn't my only poison this weekend though. I also rented a copy of Showgirls and Staying Alive. Both were more fun than IKWKM and all of them have to do with stripping/dancing in some way or another. I guess that's just my theme. But on top of all that, I also got copies of D.C. 9/11 as well as a movie you've definitely never heard of called Stardust. I haven't even cracked the seal on those two yet. In short, it should be a busy upcoming week of reviews and recaps.

8/03/07 I watched Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ last night for the first time. The word underwhelming comes to mind. I suppose the horror of the violence depicted might correspond to one's faith in the divinity of Christ which I understand many hold very dear. Ultimately, though, I couldn't get lot in this one. Maybe it was the contacts Jim Caviezel wears or the bland cinematography (arguably so that the violence is depicted all the more realistically), or the fact that Aramaic translates perfectly into our favorite modern quotes from the New Testament. Sunday schools may rightfully be pleased, frankly I was unimpressed.

8/2/07 Dan posted a few pithy notes on the historical accuracy of The Patriot. Do YOU know who really commanded the forces at Cowpen? Do YOU know why the hell movies like this keeping being made?

8/1/07 August means the end of summer, but also new beginnings! Whatever. I added a forum today with some basic categories to get started with. Now we've just got to get people reading here so they can comment in it!

7/31/07 Phew, just posted my Ghost Rider recap. Something about that movie just capture me. It was a perfect balance of entertainment and badness with some of the worst onscreen performances I've seen in quite some time. I got a few screen captures up with this one, but I've been having trouble getting the lighting right, so we'll probably be seeing more in the near future. My hope now is to turn to one of the classics: Hal Warren's masterpiece, Manos: The Hands of Fate. Generally known as one of the worst movies ever made, we'll see what you think after reading my appreciative essay on Repetition as Art!

July 29, 2007. Well, I just picked up two new movies: Ridley Scott's Legend and Lucas/Howard's Willow: a fantasy double feature. What can I say? I was in the mood. Fantasy's a funny genre as it lends itself pretty easily to campiness and so part of me avoids the genre. It's almost too difficult for me to take it all that seriously anymore and I'm partly embarassed for the day's when I did. That said, Willow succeeded in bringing back memories of the good old days and I could easily see how as a kid I would have really loved it. Legend, on the other hand just makes me hope that if I had seen it as a kid I would have felt about the same about it as I do now.

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