The Wicker Man

With Nicholas Cage. I must opine for a moment that I believe Nick Cage is quickly becoming a modern day bad movie star. It seems to me that his past three “blockbusters” have all been horrendously stupid. Forget GONE IN 60 SECONDS, Cage’s last three big flicks were GHOST RIDER, NEXT, and of course THE WICKER MAN. The first two movies were probably doomed to be stupid to begin with, but Wicker Man actually had some pretty decent source material to work from (it’s a remake). In fact, the original film ranks as one of my all time favorite horror films (it even has Roger Corman’s handprint on it!) so of course the Cage remake probably couldn’t live up to those expectations, but it couldn’t completely bungle them either, right? Wrong, of course. Instead we have Cage running around a feminist hippie commune wearing a bear suit jump kicking women and generally just being Nick Cage. With classic lines like: “How’ditgetburned?How’ditgetburned?How’ditgetburned? [sic]” What more could you want?

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