The Violent Years

Penned by Ed Wood and poorly directed by someone else. What happens when good girls go bad? Bad movies, apparently. A gang of buxom young babes run around robbing people rather violently for several years (haha, joke on the title). The crimes are actually pretty horrific (they really beat the crap out of a random gas station attendant) but the real kicker is when they attack a guy and his girlfriend making out in a convertible, strip them both naked, and then rape the guy!!! What the hell? I gotta say, it sure is willing to bend gender roles. We find out the girls are actually working for a fence, but not just any fence, in fact, but a COMMUNIST FENCE (I feel like there's a bit of a conflict in ideologies there, but whatever). Anyway, justice eventually catches up with these girls and they are gunned down in rapid succession (at their own high school, ooh. Actually, they're at the high school because the COMMUNIST FENCE ordered them to destroy American iconography… and that's what gets them caught? Sheesh). Anyway, the all go down except the leader who goes to jail and dies during childbirth (gotta wonder, is the dad the poor guy who got raped? I guess that's why sexual assault is ultimately more traumatic for the female victim, apparently for the female perpetrator as well). If you like your morals in heavy handfuls, this film's for you.

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