The Star Wars Holiday Special

I'm tempted to write this entire blurb in Wookie because that's what about half the script for The Star Wars Holiday Special is written in. We learn that the wookies on their home planet Kashyyk (though according to one character, the phonetic pronunciation is actually "Kazook". Huh?) celebrate "Life Day" which is Christmas without the Christ. Han and Chewie are racing home across the galaxy so Chewie can be home in time to celebrate with his family (named Mala, Lumpy, and Itchy… seriously, did they forget that Chewie is at least short for Chewbacca?) Anyway, it's a special, so that plot doesn’t matter, instead allt hat matters are the incessant guest appearances (several of which are by the same actor!) but they include Jefferson Starship and Bea Arthur. It's a true mess and is absolute Star Wars apocrypha.

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