The Lost Continent

Honestly, this movie just fails to live up to expectations. The cover of DVD case features a bunch of people walking around with huge baloons strapped to their backs approaching a gigantic house which hovers above the ground. Awesome! Unfortunately, there's a mess of a movie before we get to that point and more loose plot ends than [fill in the blank.] I can't really make out the plot too well, except to say that modern day British people whose boat sank reach this Lost Continent which is inhabited by all sorts of weird beasties and of course the boy king of Spain blah blah. What's that you say? The boy king of Spain. Actually, I believe he calls himself (not kidding) "El Supremo" which makes me really want to go to Taco Bell. But yeah. He's there as are his evil KKK looking priest guys. If you're in the mood for a bizarre bazaar, this is the flick for you.

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