The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (Across the Eighth Dimension)
Title: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (Across the Eighth Dimension)
Year: 1984
Director: W. D. Richter
Genre: Sci-Fi

Quotes that were… "Laugh while you can, monkey boy!"
And quotes that should've been… "No, seriously, why aren't you laughing?"

Once again, long title violator at work here.

It’s funny, I often have trouble with movies which try to be camp. Granted, some films (RHPS is a fine example) can pull it off and we get a celebration of the campiness we know and love. But BUCKAROO BANZAI never quite gets there for me. Despite some fun performances (I especially enjoyed Goldblum in this), the cult and camp of BUCKAROO just never captured me.

Buckaroo is a rockstar/surgeon/secret agent/comic book hero with a huge fanbase. Aliens come to Earth from another dimension and he must stop them. For the film to work, I felt I really was expected to buy into Buckaroo’s over-the-top awesomeness and I just didn’t, even on an ironic level. Why the hell do these people like him so much? The best part of the movie is the end (no, that’s not a joke) because there’s just that completely mindless shot of Buckaroo and his crew walking around a drained reservoir while funky music plays. It’s actually pretty cool.

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