Test Tube Babies

A very, very strange little movie. If I remember its history right, there was an era in film when exploitation directors tried to pass off their wares as informative video to, I dunno, reach new audiences or something. That’s the gist of this film, and it’s pretty hilarious as a result. Essentially Mike and Kathy (that may not be there names, but it seems like everyone is named Mike and Kathy in these damn movies) get married and want to settle down. It turns out they used to only party all the time with their friends. Partying means having a bunch of middle aged people over to your house getting blasted out of their minds. Kathy goes to one party too many where two wives end up having a naked cat fight on her living room floor! Mike is outraged and it’s not looking good for our newlyweds. What’s the solution to save the marriage? Why, have children of course (is this really considered a better option than our rising divorce rates?) There’s just one problem, Mike is sterile. Oops! Their doctor helpfully says “There might be something I can do to help” to which Kathy hilariously replies: “Why Doctor, you don’t mean…” Granted, this is the sleaziest doctor ever, and empirically the movie never really lets us know if he used the invetrofertilization on Kathy or if they really just shag in his office (honestly, I think this is one of the great filmic mysteries of my collection). It’s funny for all the reasons above, and definitely a welcome addition to a collection.

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