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Brett Favre needs someone to watch The Blind Side.
Attention Everyone, this is a public service announcement. There is soon to be a remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space!
No mystery to what Paranormal Activity is about…not much story either.
Sometimes less exposition is more… Jane Doe.
I wouldn't even bother reading this review, much less viewing Ring of Darkness
I wish my trips to D.C. were this fruitful… The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington!
Five days shy of its second anniversary, Camp Academy comes full circle… TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN!
Witchboard… you make the pun!
Doth The Happy Hooker a happy film reviewer make?
Won Ton Ton, the film that killed my idealized impression of Hollywood.
Death Racers, the film that killed my idealized impression of… ICP?
Is 1930s sensationalism still sensational? The Savage Girl.
Learn the meaning of sophomoric: National Lampoon's Lost Reality.
Cheap jokes and puns akin to all these review lead-ins? Loose Shoes
Who wouldn't want to be the next 'pet dick?' Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr.
The Father, The Son, and unholy movie The Spirit.
If only I could duplicate Predator Termination Time's blood red font…
Attack of the killer flamingos, Sheena!
Wow, check out the strength of Stallone's Cobra

Camp Academy

If there's at least one thing we'll grant to late capitalism, it's that it has generated more camp than perhaps any other moment in history. Never before have our daily lives been surrounded with the superficial, the confused, the faulty, and the idiosyncratic. In some cases, these instances of camp have found devoted followings, but even these cult movements can't keep up with the sheer quantity of camp just floating about mainstream society like so much space debris.

The purpose of this site is to pick up and examine these pieces of junk with a critical eye, if only for just a moment, before setting them aside and moving on to the next. There is no grand theme here, no narrative, simply an excursion from the marble corridors of high taste into the neon alleyways of pulp, sleeze, and outright failure.

We come armed only with the (perhaps equally campy) language of literary and cultural theory, a loose framework which will at least allow us to organize these myriad sites of camp. Whether or not applying such theoretical discourse to such explicitly untheoretical things proves campy in its own right we will have to see. But if you're interested in joining us, pack your bags and lunchboxes, hop on the schoolbus, and have a seat next to me: because here at Camp Academy, the academy goes to camp!

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