Short Circuit

Steve Guttenberg. A robot with a heart. A hilarious Indian(?) side-kick who constantly confuses American phrases. And an antagonist named Scrotur.

All comic hell seems to break loose after the fifth of five hi-tech robots gets a lightning bolt straight to its spark. The robots were created by happy-go-lucky inventor, Newton Crosby (Guttenberg), who has a fleeting phobia of public appearances. He thinks these machines could be used as companions, but the company with a capital C has other, militaristic plans. "Number 5" accidentally escapes the company's complex seeking "input" (not unlike my girlfriend. hehehe). After a few misadventures, #5 comes across Stephanie Speck. Stephanie has both boy trouble and now toy trouble (har!) and a rather large affinity for animals. She almost immediately takes in Five as her own and provides him with all the input he could ask for - Encyclopedia Britannica's, television commercials, and the Three Stooges. Meanwhile, the security for the Company is in hot pursuit fearing Number 5's deadly capabilities. Throughout the chase, we learn that Number 5 may actually be alive. He views disassembly as death. Somewhere in there, Crosby and Speck fall in love.

Fun moments:
- An elderly couple implying that they have marijuana in their glove compartments
- Ben, Crosby's right hand man, exclaiming his "sporting a tremendous woody"
- The use of "shit" for a PG movie
- The theme song, "Who's Johnny," by El Debarge

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