Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
  • A little fantasy flick dripping with some not-too-subtle Cold War politics. The Martian children are unhappy. No one on Mars knows why (perhaps it's because all their meals come in pill form?) No! It's because they don't have a Santa Claus. So the Yoda-knock-off Martian tells the King of the Martians the only way to make the kids happy is to go down to Earth and kidnap Santa Claus. The Martians get the job done (despite all sorts of complications) but along the way (you guessed it) learn the true meaning of Christmas and blah blah blah. Interesting obviously because of how stupid an idea it all is, but also because of the obvious correlation between the Martians and real-life Russians. I'm sure their children are miserable as well. Of course, they actually have reindeer in their country.
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