Reston: Past-Present-Future

I have, of late, taken to combing my college library's DVD collections for the kind of films featured on this website. Appropriately, these DVDs are stored in the library's basement and indeed I have managed to find some truly "rare" cinema.

Such as this film, aptly title RESTON: PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE. The film, by Steve Resz and his "Impact Studios" documents the past, present, and… well you get the idea… of Reston, Virginia.

You may have heard of Reston even if you're not from Virginia. It's that place where the Ebola virus broke out. So far as I can tell, the documentary makes no mention of this incident. Instead it features what I'll describe as the political narrative of Reston. You know, interesting stuff like mayoral debates over zoning ordinances. The stuff is truly electrifying.

Of course, like all of Northern Virginia, Reston's early history was not suburban. It was farmland bought on the cheap with the aim to create a township which would unite home and workplace, yin and yang, etc. This early history of Reston is told via Ken Burnsian pans across still black and white photographs. The work on this film really makes me appreciate that there actually are different levels of skill when it comes to panning across still black and white photographs.

We are introduced to the "present" by an eight minute montage of people playing sports. The montage is even more neat-o because the screen is divided into quadrants, each showing different footage. So it's really like thirty-two minutes of montage!!! There's just so much to see in Reston!

The dominant image of Reston's present, so far as I can tell, is that of a pregnant woman sitting on the side of a fountain in front of an apartment complex. I say it's the dominant image because it's also the one the producer(s?) chose to put on the cover of the DVD case. Speaking of which, the DVD case also features the informative yet grammitcally dubious text: "Reston… It's Present… It's Past… It's Future…"

The future, by the way, seems to consist mainly of construction and blueprints.

I have actually been to the world-famous Reston Town Center which is basically a hotel and a bunch of restaurants. The hotel was very nice. It's also where I asked my first girlfriend if she'd like to date me. She turned me down at the time, so I've always had a bad taste in my mouth about Reston.

Luckily for me, there's this movie.

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