Raging Sharks

I always start off my descriptions of this movie by saying "You know you're in for trouble when the director's name is 'Lerner.'" Raging Sharks is indeed one hell of a lot of trouble and a great film to watch. It's probably closest to a Deep Blue Sea/Sphere rip off. These aren't super sharks per se, but they're definitely hyped up on something. Ok, ok, I'll give you the synopsis. Though ostensibly about sharks, the film opens with shots of an alien craft. Our two E.T.s are arguing about something or other and fail to notice their mother ship is right in front of them. They then crash into the mother ship sending a chunk of their space ship down to earth (wow, now that's what I call a set up). This debris lands in the Bermuda Triangle (what are the odds). In fact, it lands smack on top of a ship (jeez, now what are the odds?) Anyway, there's an underwater research station with a bunch of way-too-attractive scientists. The alien debris causes the sharks to, well, rage. Crisis ensues. Aside from the ludicrous plot, the film has major continuity problems. For example, one character leaves from the research station, flies to Boston, and returns to the research station via nuclear submarine in one day! What??? Or how about the fact that this deep sea research station is about 500 yards off the coast of a Bermuda resort? Actually, forget that, how about the fact that on the numerous shots of divers around the research station we clearly see their heads breaking the surface of the water!!! All of this incompetence almost makes me forget how awful the actors and dialogue are, so lucky them. All in all, a quintessentially bad movie that really has it all. I highly recommend.


What are the odds, huh?


Interesting, I thought they were supposed to be in a deep sea research lab… I wonder why it looks like this diver is on the surface?

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