Night of the Ghouls

ore Ed Wood. For a while this was actually my favorite Wood film but then Plan 9 grew on me once again. The reason I love Night of the Ghouls so much, however, is that it features police officer Kelso’s finest performance yet (Kelso appears in Plan 9 and Bride of the Monster as well). That Kelso is one cooky cop, lemme tell ya! As for plot, well, it’s at the same haunted house as Bride of the Monster, but that first movie has nothing to do with anything as the plot here concerns a shady white guy who fakes séances. Little does he know: THEY ACTUALLY ARE WORKING (aaaaah!) The two stand out scenes in the film for me are a) the seyance featuring floating trumpets and a weird Polynesian (?) guy in a safari hat speaking in slow motion and b) the scene where Officer Kelso draws and fires several shots on an unarmed woman who he assumes to be a ghost. Now, I can appreciate that if this movie were made today special effects could really make sure that the ghost woman looked like a ghost to everyone, but in an Ed Wood film, the ghosts just look like normal people in night gowns which makes Kelso’s use of lethal force seem rather, uh, illegal.

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