Member's Faq

This guide explains the basic steps to upload your content to the wiki in a consistent manner.

How do I create a new page?

I find the simplest way to create page is my typing the new page’s name into the “Add a new Page” field in the left hand toolbar. Type in the page name and then click “New Page.” You will then be taken to the page where you can add your content as usual. Be sure to edit the Title of the page if need be.

Are there any naming conventions?

Not really, though I’ll probably regret it. Note that when you create a new page the “name” you type in will actually be the URL. Wikidot doesn’t like certain things in its URLs like apostrophes, slashes, and other symbols. Generally speaking, Wikidot will automatic remove those symbols it doesn’t like from the URL. However, it will also remove them from the actual title of the page as well, so be sure you add them back in! For example, if you were to add the film “Schindler’s List” Wikidot would remove the apostrophe from both the URL and the Page Title.

How do I link a page to other parts of the site (internal links)?

Edit the page you wish the link to appear on. Wikidot handles internal page links by triple square bracketing the page name. For example, to link to the film “Schindler’s List” you would add [[[Schindlers List]]]. Note that I did not put in the apostrophe because the URL automatically removes apostrophes (see Naming Conventions). However, that means that the link will also appear without an apostrophe on the page, which would look wrong. Luckily, Wikidot allows you to handles this by differentiating between the linked-to URL and the displayed text. This is accomplished as such [[[Schindlers List | Schindler’s List]]] The text appearing to the right of the vertical bar will be displayed.

How do I add a link to another website (external links)?

Edit the page you wish the link to appear on. Wikidot uses single brackets to signify external links. Example: [] will provide a link to Google. Be sure to include the http:// or the link may not work! If you wish to have text for your link simply press space bar and then add your text inside the brackets. Example: [ A monopoly in the making!] Be aware of any rules the external site may have about linking like external links to downloadable content.

How do I edit a page?

Scroll down the bottom of the page and click “Edit.” Once you’ve made your changes press “Save.”

How do I upload an image (and add it to a page)?

Navigate to the page you wish the image to appear on and click “files” at the bottom of the page. Click “upload files” and browse to the image you wish to upload. Only upload images in .jpg format. Be sure that your images are not too large as total space is limited to 100 mb. Once you’ve uploaded the image close file manager and edit the page you wish the image to appear on. I recommend using Wikidot’s “insert image wizard” to automatically add and format your image on the page.

What steps must I take to upload a blurb?

If you’re uploading a blurb it probably means you’re the first person to add the movie to the site. That means you’ll have to create a new page (see above). Once you’ve done that you’ll need to link your page internally to both the Film Archives table and the “Recently Movies” table on the main page. If the “Recent Movies” table has become to cluttered, just remove the link and cell for the bottom-most movie in the table.

What steps must I take to upload a recap/review/article?

First make sure that the central film for your piece is already on the site. Check this on the Film Archives page. To add your piece, you will need to create a new page for it (see above) and title it appropriately (if it’s a review, simply the title of the movie and the word review will do, likewise for recap. For other articles, use discretion). Once you’ve created the new page add your content to it and save. Now you need to link to your article. There are three places you should add links. First is the “Recent Articles” table on the main page. Second is the table on the Camp Criticism page. Third is the main page of the film (the one with the blurb). For the third link, just add a descriptive link to the very top of the page. For example: [[[Schindlers List Review | Check out Adam’s review of Schindler’s List here!]]].

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