Leonard Part 6

Bad comedy. Unfunny stuff. Bill Cosby famously disowned this movie before it was released, telling people not to go see it. One can understand why. It's a mess of a spoof on super secret agent movies featuring Bill as Leonard Parker and Part 6 of his adventures (we aren't allowed to know about his other adventures due to national security… a rather telling similarity between this film and Plan 9 from Outer Space). Anyway, besides fighting evil (specifically a vegetarian bent on whiping out the human race so only animals survive [a plot which I am sad to say was also the basis for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six… Hmm, Rainbow Six, Leonard Part 6? I'm smelling a conspiracy here]) Leonard also family problems what with his estranged wife's propensity for dousing him in clam chowder and his 19 year old daughter performing in an adult play (weird) and dating the 60 year old director (weirder). All of this amounts to absolutely ZERO funniness, which is of course the whole point.

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