Ridley Scott. Tom Cruise. Tim Curry. Add them all together and how could you possibly go wrong? The answer, my friends, is the stuff of Legend. Part of me, to be sure, likes this film. It's as if Scott took a pulp fantasy novel and put it to screen without editing it a bit. Fantasy novels, generally speaking, are filled with cliche characters, story arcs, magic spells, etc. Unicorns are par for the course. So randomly bursting into song and speaking in rhyme. With pulp fantasy, the readers imagination fills in where reality cannot. In the reader's mind, a unicorn is a single magical entity unto itself. But when you try to put a unicorn on film the viewer can't help but see a horse with a horn glued to its head. Is this making any sense? The realism of Legend, what little there is, ultimately proves to be its downfall. It's almost impossible to look at the fantasy of the film without being reminded that everything has been constructed from 21st century, non-magic-imbued materials. Ridley Scott tries so hard to eschew realism in his picture that his failure to do so because glaring. The result is laughably jarring. Also, Tom Cruise has buck teeth.

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