Leading Actors

Just because films are campy doesn't mean they don't feature Hollywood's biggest stars. The following is a list of mega movie stars who appear in the film's listed on this site so you can learn about films with your favorite actor or actress! You just might be surprised who turns up!

Babies: Who’d have thought these little tykes could do such a great acting job even before they were born? And oh my god, they can sing as well!

Matthew Broderick: From Ferris to Ferocious, Matthew has all the range of a ballistic missile aimed at a giant iguana.

Nicolas Cage: From Raising Arizona to raising Hell as Ghost Rider, Nicholas’ career has been on an upward spiral for years!

Sean Connery: Two words: Zed’s not dead, baby, Zed’s awesome.

Kevin Costner: Just like the MacGuffin in his perennial masterpiece Waterworld, Kevin’s career has been absolutel paydirt.

Eddie Murphy: Always the family man, Eddie left the Academy Awards early to go home and be with his family and celebrate what was undoubtedly his finest screen performance to date, The Adventures of Pluto Nash.

Chris O'Donnel: George Clooney, Al Pacino, Bill Paxton… Chris has supported some of the best actors of our generation. See why!

Christian Slater: An unmistakable screen presence whether he's playing a video game or playing a character from one.

Britney Spears: Singing is like acting with your voice, and Britney does both.

Tom Cruise: Body Thetan's may ail his being, but they have no ill effect on his movies.

Ringo Starr: It’s hard enough to carry a lead in a film, but even harder when you aren’t given a single English speaking line. Fortunately, Ringo had lots of experience not saying anything from The Beatles.

John Travolta: Someone arrest John for domestic violence, because his career has just been hit after hit!

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