Lady In The Water

Can I re-use my same “belly-flop” joke about any bad movie that has to do with water? Why not? This is Shyamalan’s belly-flop and hopefully the last we’ll see of this bozo for a while (he’s probably third on my shit list of bad directors, right next to Woo and Bay). I’ll ignore that he hasn’t made anything good since Sixth Sense (Unbreakable is only good if you forgive it for being boring). Lady is bad in its own right. Is it supposed to be an allegory for something? What, the world? Stupid. Shyamalan casts himself as a major character who is going to write the book which will change the world, no matter what critics say (critics get eaten by wolves. what does that tell you about Shyamalan’s thoughts on dissent? Stupid movie!!) Anyway, there’s this thing called a nerf and she gets eaten by a narf while wearing a scarf the tartutek barf… what I’m getting at is Shyamalan makes up stupid names for all the characters. It’s stupid. This movie is stupid. I quit.

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