Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Look at the review, Poo…

By Dan Angell

It takes a lot for a movie to sway me. It really does. I take very careful precautions in making sure that the movies selected by my esteemed colleague and myself are of the top quality of bad. With a title like “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” then how could this movie possibly miss? Surprise, surprise…it did. This was a genuinely enjoyable movie.

Now I realize that the video quality isn’t the latest and greatest, the actors aren’t the most amazing, and concept is slightly absurd, but the movie doesn’t seem to find them necessary. It bases its entertainment value on outlandish characters, overacting, and an overall shunning of the mainstream.

Lately, all of the highest grossing comedies…horrors…and mixes of the two, star Will Ferrell, and have the same basic story line: ridiculous guy is put in strange profession and let the hilarity commence! However, I am of the opinion that most of those movies should make this site before this one does.

In fact, I think they will. People of the Academy, I, Dan Angell, shall not let this injustice continue! This review will not be completed until movies far more popular and far worse than this one are added. But rest assured, it was a very funny movie.

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