Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show

There are bad movies, and bad shows, but there are some that, after you watch, you feel owe you something for your time. This is one such show. After watching one episode of this catastrophe of J-Pop I immediately retorted with "This show owes me my 30 minutes back." On my grave stone the heading will be 'Here lies Daniel Angell, dead 30 minutes before he should be.'

Because I don't feel this show's existence deserves to even take up the time to read this article, I will keep it brief. The show is an animated tale about two Japanese singers named Ami and Yumi, who travel around on their tour bus and sing…badly. Not being a fan of J-Pop I naturally think it is bad music, but these two set the standards for crap in the music industry.

The episode I watched had them on their bus, when they decided they were hungry, so they stopped off at a sushi bar. After finishing their meal, they started to hallucinate. They tripped…on bad sushi…for thirty minutes. Yes, picture this. I am sitting on a couch watching two cartoon characters see pretty colors for 30 minutes. Is it any wonder I demanded my time back? It is not over between me and those two bearers of the standard in abominable, time wasting television. I will have my 30 minutes back if it takes me the rest of my life to get it.

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