In the '90's, as has been discussed on this site elsewhere, it was apparently fashionable to get a group of young guys together and make several movies staring them. Probably the most popular of these was the legendary hockey movie, The Mighty Ducks. It spawned sequels, it launched Emilio Estevez into the same league as his brother Charlie Sheen and his father, Martin. It even lead to the creation of the professional hockey team of the same name. It also brought about Heavyweights.

This movie centers around Jerald Garner, an overweight youth just let out of school for summer vacation. He arrives home to the news that over the summer his personal plans will be thrown aside by his over-bearing father in favor of going to a fat camp, Camp Hope (apparently the name Camp Fat-ass was taken). Jerry is initially against it but once he meets his counselor's, Pat, and is promised "the best damn summer of his life" he begins to come around. On the flight to the camp, he also meets his new friend, Roy, who along with the rest of the poke fun at Jerry for a pair of fake pilots wings he is given by a stewardess, jokingly refering to him as "Cap'n".

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