So how about those crazy people…

Dan Angell


Gothika is a psychological thriller, relatively generic, staring Halle Berry. Now this movie is an interesting one, because I didn't hate it, but the last 30 seconds ruined the movie. Therefore, I will start with the recap of the film, then move into how I thought about it.

You see, it was an entertaining and at some points scary film. It has an interesting basis, involving a psychiatrist, Miranda Grey, who may or may not become possessed, who kills her husband. They seem like a perfectly happy, normal couple (accept how in the hell did a guy who looks like that get a girl who looks like her?!), and there is apparently no disconnect between them. However, there is a co-worker who clearly has an eye for her. He doesn't get his chance however, because on the ride home, she goes mad. She sees a demon girl in the middle of the road who possesses her and she blacks out.

When Miranda wakes up, she is in the asylum at which she works. She doesn't remember what happened, but apparently she murdered her husband during the black out. Slowly, throughout the film, we come to know more about how the murder happened, and then why it happened. We learn the history behind the girl who possessed her, the claimed rapes of a female patient, and the real reason why the possessor wanted her husband dead. I don't want to go into details, because like I said, it is a genuinely interesting story.

Now the acting may not be perfect. There may be a few holes in the story. But on the whole the movie holds itself together…until the very end. The final scene between Miranda and the patient mentioned earlier, Chloe. The entirety of the movie is summed up when Miranda looks at Chloe and says, "Thank you. This experience has taught me how to listen."

Taught you how to listen? 3 people died, 2 girls were kidnapped, and an untold amount of women were raped…and all you learned was how to listen? Horrible things happened to good people…all on the basis of LISTENING!!! Does a school bus full of children have to fall off a bridge into a river and everyone on the bus dies before you can see?!

The movie let me down. It would have been fine if it didn't have the "be sure to listen to people" moral. But, unfortunately for Ms. Berry, it did, and that was what killed it for me. I shudder to think what hidden message must be in the Friday the 13th movies: "Hmmm, a blade was just shoved through my chest…I can FEEL!"

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