Glen or Glenda

It might be stretching it a bit to call this film a documentary as everyone in it is an actor, but that's where it's heart lies. In some ways this is Ed Wood's most powerful film if only because it is so personal. Wood essentially plays himself, a transvestite, who loves angora sweaters. The film shows what it's like to be a transvestite in the 50s and I gotta say, there's ups and downs. The film features an incredibly dark ending which is Wood really at his most experimental. The film is bookended by a story within the story about another transvestite who kills himself. Wood's character has a psychotic episode where he is tempted by the devil himself (that is, a guy with face paint, a scraggly goatee, and plastic horns). It's actually a pretty cool sequence (for Wood) but can't really make the whole viewing all that enjoyable, unless you too really just love looking at angora sweaters.

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