The most expensive film in my collection! I'm proud to say. I put down thirty bucks for this one and don't regret it for a moment. The film is actually competently made, it's the source material which is just insanely campy. What happens when a mad scientist/garage mechanic runs over his bride-to-be with a remote controlled lawnmower? Well, she's gets chopped into pieces, and then he gets to rebuild her a la Frankenstein. But where does one get the parts. How about hookers? Sounds good. But how to kill them? Hmm… I know! Hookers like drugs, right? So give them drugs… drugs that make them explode! What to call them? Supercrack! Perfect! Add on to all that madness a truly horrifying rendition of what I guess could be referred to as transgender surgery, and you have the event that is FRANKENHOOKER.

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