Fire and Ice

Perhaps the greatest gay caveman cartoon ever made. Directed by Ralph Bakshi (who also did the LOTR animated film), FIRE AND ICE is about a gay caveman fighting a gay sorcerer with the help of various other gay things.

No one wears pants in this movie.

The supervillain is perhaps the most interesting character. He refuses to have sex with an ostensibly attractive woman (despite his mother’s insistence that he do so) and every time he casts a spell it looks like he’s orgasming (it doesn’t help that the “spell” causes glaciers to erupt spewing white “snow” everywhere).

Aside from the various obvious homosexual innuendo (if we can call it that) the film is pretty bad. Lots of pointless excursions in the plot and sequences of 15-20 minutes in which there is not a lick of dialogue, just a lot of running and jumping and bouncing and jiggling and squishing. Despite having some interesting counter-culture value, it ends up being a bit of a snooze.

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