Cinema is arguably the most popular site of camp making today. Arguably camp analysis' most famous entrance into pop culture was MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATRE 3000, which premiered in 1988 and stayed on the air till 1999. The show took the approach of playing campy movies meanwhile various human and robotic commentator's hilariously pointed out the films' flaws. This spirit of teasing out every bad moment of a film has been carried through the web, so please check out my links to great sites in the MST3K tradition.

While Camp Academy maintains the spirit of those endeavors with its occasional recaps, most of what you'll find on this page are reviews of camp films and occasional essays analyzing a general aspect of just what makes a film so gosh darn campy.

Film Reviewer Date
1941 Adam Miller 1/3/2008
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr. Adam Miller 4/09/2009
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Adam Miller 7/30/2008
The Avengers Adam Miller 9/2/2007
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Adam Miller 6/25/2008
The Blind Side Dan Angell 10/27/10
Brigadoon Adam Miller 7/18/2007
Bulletproof Monk Kevin Flanagan 8/20/2007
Burn after Reading Adam Miller 9/19/2008
Caligula Adam Miller 7/7/2008
Cannibal Holocaust Dan Angell 1/25/2008
Category 7: The End of the World Adam Miller 7/15/2008
Center Stage Adam Miller 11/25/2007
Cloverfield Adam Miller 9/3/2008
Cobra Adam Miller 12/8/2008
Cruel Intentions 2 Adam Miller 11/9/2007
Cruel Intentions 3 Adam Miller 11/17/2007
Cyborg 2 Adam Miller 3/3/2008
D.C. 9/11 Adam Miller 8/6/2007
Death Race 2000 Adam Miller 7/28/2008
Death Racers Adam Miller 6/2/2009
Death Tunnel Dan Angell 6/26/2008
Doom Adam Miller 11/18/2007
Dumb and Dumberer Adam Miller 1/10/2008
Elektra Adam Miller 11/18/2007
Enchanted Dan Angell 1/9/2008
Escape from the Bronx Kevin Flanagan 10/2/2007
Flesh+Blood Adam Miller 6/30/2008
The Forgotten Adam Miller 3/7/2008
Freejack Adam Miller 5/14/2008
Frogs Adam Miller 7/12/2007
Ghost Rider Adam Miller 7/26/2007
Ghoulies Dan Angell 11/26/2007
Godzilla Dan Angell 8/12/2007
Gothika Dan Angell 9/2/2008
The Happening Dan Angell 8/31/2008
The Happy Hooker Kevin Flanagan 6/27/2009
The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington Kevin Flanagan 7/17/2009
Howling III: The Marsupials Dan Angell 8/28/2007
Hunting Humans Adam Miller 7/23/2008
I Know Who Killed Me Adam Miller & Dan Angell 8/5/2007
Ice Spiders Dan Angell 12/2/2007
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Adam Miller 6/19/2008
Jumper Dan Angell 3/5/2008
Kangaroo Jack Adam Miller 8/22/2007
Knocked Up Adam Miller 6/26/2007
Last Action Hero Adam Miller 11/18/2007
Loose Shoes Kevin Flanagan 4/24/2009
Lost Reality (National Lampoon Presents) Adam Miller 5/05/2009
The Master of Disguise Adam Miller 10/27/2008
The Metro Chase Adam Miller 9/17/2007
Missing in Action Adam Miller 7/2/2008
Monster High Adam Miller 10/20/2008
National Lampoon's Dorm Daze Kevin Flanagan 9/4/2007
Nine Lives Adam Miller 5/24/2008
One Missed Call Dan Angell 1/23/2008
Paranormal Activity Dan Angell 2/23/2010
The Patriot Dan Angell 7/25/2007
Perfect Adam Miller 7/27/2008
Pirates 4D! Adam Miller 10/6/2007
Predator Termination Time Adam Miller 2/3/2009
Prince Caspian Adam Miller 5/27/2008
Prince Valiant Adam Miller 11/20/2007
Psyclops Adam Miller 6/16/2008
Pterodactyl Adam Miller 4/3/2008
Queen of the Damned Dan Angell 8/28/2008
Red Heat Adam Miller 1/1/2008
Reston: Past-Present-Future Adam Miller 10/2/2007
Ring of Darkness Adam Miller 7/27/2009
The Running Man Adam Miller 5/23/2008
The Savage Girl Kevin Flanagan 5/08/2009
Seeding the Turf Adam Miller 10/6/2007
Shakedown Adam Miller 7/17/2008
Shapes and Colors Adam Miller 9/2/2007
Sheena Adam Miller 1/15/2009
She's the Man Dan Angell 9/9/08
Short Circuit Brian Sallade 8/16/2007
Showgirls Adam Miller 8/6/2007
Singing Babies Adam Miller 7/12/2007
Skinned Deep Adam Miller 6/22/2008
The Skulls 2 Dan Angell 5/28/2008
Snapdragon Adam Miller 3/2/2008
Speed Racer Adam Miller 5/24/2008
The Spirit Dan Angell 2/19/2009
The Squid and the Whale Dan Angell 4/10/2008
Stardust Adam Miller 8/7/2007
Street Fighter Adam Miller 1/7/2008
Super Mario Brothers Adam Miller 12/8/2007
Swept Away Adam Miller 9/01/2008
Tenement Adam Miller 7/5/2008
Total Recall Adam Miller 11/18/2007
Transformers Adam Miller 7/16/2007
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Adam Miller 7/11/2009
The Village Adam Miller 9/2/2007
Wild Things 3 Adam Miller 1/4/2008
Witchboard Adam Miller 6/27/2009
Won Ton Ton Kevin Flanagan 6/2/2009


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