Quotes that were… "I suffer without my stone. Do not prolong my suffering."
And quotes that should've been… "Luke, I am your father."

I hate this movie. It blatantly steals from better source material like LORD OF THE RINGS and STAR WARS. I just wrote the blurb on WILLOW, a film which also blatantly steals from LotR and SW, but somehow that film isn't offensive whereas ERAGON is. Part of this is probably that Lucas is directly attached to WILLOW and, well, what fantasy film doesn't steal from LotR at this point?

ERAGONis another silly CGI movie with a plot that is STAR WARS EPSIODE IV except with dragons. The problem is, the performances here are generally inept (as is the case with the Eragon character) or terribly over the top (see John Malkovich as Galbatorix who seriously gives Jeremy Irons [also in the film] a run for his DUNGEONS & DRAGONS money).

I should admit that it doesn't help that this movie was financially successful whereas WILLOW was not. A whole new generation of film goers (and readers) will think that ERAGON is inventive rather than derivative, and while I know that there's a lot of recycling that goes on in Hollywood, this is bad recycling. It's blatantly written by a seventeen year old kid who reads LotR and saw SW and played D&D. The kicker is that he has nothing new or interesting to say about any of it. Nor does the film. Ick.

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