It's funny, I actually sat through this film twice and still just don't have too much to say about it. I suppose that whether or not this were a good film, the concept behind Elektra as a super hero just doesn't inspire me.

Jennifer Garner plays Elektra, a woman who was brought back by the dead by "good" ninjas to play a neutral role of assassin in an ongoing war between good and evil which is apparently being fought by a bunch of Japanese people. Who are all, of course, ninjas.

Life's good for Elektra, until she finally gets assigned to kill a hunky dad and his obnoxious teenage daughter, an assignment which she just can't fulfill [Editor's Note: In a rare Freudian slip I originally type the previous sentence as follows: "Life's good for Elektra, until she finally gets a hunky dad and his obnoxious teenage daughter which she just can't fulfill". Make of that what you will]. Instead she falls for the pair and slowly they warm her icy heart. Of course, by failing to kill the two, Elektra pisses off the evil assassins who attempt to take care of the job themselves.

The rest of the movie features Elektra and co. on the run from some villains ranging from boring to silly. Of the former is Stone who is hard as a rock (but softer, apparently, than a falling redwood). On the weird end, Tatoo, whose body art can come to life and attack our poor heroes. The only problem is that using this power puts Tatoo in a catatonic state- not so hot when you're fighting, well, anyone.

ELEKTRA does an all right job going through the motions but never delivers much excitement or engrossing character struggles.

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