Quotes that were… "Watch out for snakes!"
And quotes that should've been… "Eegah!"

A bad movie staple created by one of the most ignominious names in the bad movie industry: Arch Hall, Senior. You have to put the senior after his name because EEGAH! stars his son, Arch Hall, Jr. as the male lead. It's one thing to be a terrible director with no budget (Ed Wood), and it's one thing to be a terrible director with no budget who gives parts to his college buddies because he can't afford to pay real actors (Ed Wood), but it's another thing to cast your own son to start in the movie in hopes of turning him into a teen idol. Especially if your son is butt ugly. But Arch the Senior does it and subjects us to EEGAH!, a shoddily made film about a millennia old caveman (played by Richard Kiel, the same guy who plays Jaws in the Bond movies) who falls in love with a local teenager. Essentially a KING KONG remake, most of the fun comes from the terrible overdubbed audio which never quite keeps up with the action. And Arch Hall Junior singing. Oh god, Arch Hall Junior singing…

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