Dungeons & Dragons

Ah! Now here’s a movie I can get behind… and then push off a cliff. I think the commentary really sold me on how idiotic the makers of this movie are in terms of what they think makes good cinema. When they start talking about the noble sacrifice of the character, who is obviously in the film only to provide comic relief (actually, it’d be more accurate to call it comic burden, oppression, or simply torture), and how powerful the scene is, I literally did a double take. Granted, the film features ok special effects, a goofy plot (but hey it’s D&D, when I used to play, my party never got out of the tavern because we all kept trying to hit on the bartender and drink imaginary ale… ah, boy that doesn’t sound entertaining at all in retrospect), but really dies with its terrible acting. Justin Whalin and Marlon Wayans are awful, completely destroying the illusion of the fantasy realm they’re in with painfully bad slapstick, but the real king’s cup goes to Jeremy Irons who snarls, howls, hoots, and generally proves to be even more of a cartoon than he was as Scar in THE LION KING. The campiness of his performance, of course, is ultimately a saving grace for the film as it makes up for the unfunniness of the two leads.

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