Dragonball: The Adventure Begins

This is definitely one of the "worst" films in my collection by all kinds of standards. First of all-and this isn't the film's fault-it's dubbed into English, and boy, you can really tell all kinds of money was put into that project. Everything else, however, is totally the film's fault. Basically, an evil blue man-dragon (aka Kabuki guy with a rubber mask) is trying to collect all seven "dragon pearls" so that he can summon a giant dragon and make a wish to rule the world. Fighting him is a rag-tag band of adolescent perverts. Seriously. Everyone in this movie is a pervert. Take "Piggy", who is introduced in black face and other "native" garb (complete with big ears and feet and a pig's nose…ah those Japanese and their cooky racism!) chasing down and trying to rape a 12 year old. Or "Turtle Man," the Obi-Wan Kenobi of the film, who will only give our heroes his dragon pearl if he is allowed to fondle the female protagonist's breasts. Granted, the film does have a good message about physical contact, stating that "Anybody who tries to touch a girl is a… RAPIST!" Woah, am I in trouble. The rest of the badness features terrible "wire flying" special effects, over-the-top acting (regardless of language) and THE MOST ANNOYING TALKING PARROT EVER TO GRACE THE SCREEN. All of this of course adds up to an incredible viewing experience. Enjoy!

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