Cruel Intentions 2 (2000)

Horny, right? People are horny?

by Adam Miller

I bet you were really wondering just how Sebastian became such a prick only to reform. What am I talking about? CRUEL INTENTIONS, you know, the late 20th century knock-off of some French bedroom satire. Sarah Michelle Gellar? Lesbian kiss with all the drool? Don't you care about all these characters?

Well the producers of CRUEL INTENTIONS 2 sure hope you do, as they provide you with a rip-roaring prequel to the relatively popular first film. In this film we learn that Sebastian (the protog from the first) has a troubled past. His mother is a drug addict, his father a multi-million dollar sex addict. Sebastian is forced to live with his father, his step-mother and step-sister, Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar's character). Everyone of course is now being played by far less recognizable actors, but frankly I didn't think the first cast was so great to begin with.

Anyway, Sebastian falls in love with the headmaster's daughter, Danielle. He's willing to give up all his deviant past ways so that she might love him. Despite Kathryn constantly trying to interfere with this (as when she dangles two naked lesbians in front of him in the shower thus providing the films lone sex scene) it seems that Sebastian and Danielle just might make it together. We know, of course, that they can't for the events of CRUEL INTENTIONS to take place. And indeed, Sebastian's love is thwarted.

Want to know how? Not really, but I'll tell you. You see, sweet, innocent Danielle is actually in cahoots with Kathryn in an attempt to convert Sebastian back to being a sexual user. They reveal this plan to Sebastian in the film's finale which results in our three anti-heroes having a threesome together.

So the question is really, just what kind of opinion do the producers have of their audience when they're willing to trade in true love for cheap sex?

I'm guessing the right one.

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