It can be difficult to defend Britney Spears these days, but as part of the generation that grew up ogling at her MTV videos, I feel it is my duty, if not to her, then to my adolescent fantasies. If Britney goes, then so too do they. Hooboy, I can do this… CROSSROADS falls into two staunch cinematic traditions: the coming-of-age film and the road-film. Indeed, one might consider CROSSROADS to be a remake, in spirit, of Jack Keruoac's Beat ouevre ON THE ROAD. Britney and her two girlhood friends hitch a ride with a might-be murderer from Georgia all the way to California. They are each on the trip for different reasons, but the lesson they learn, predictably, is how their lives still come together. The film's real originality comes from its particularly feminist outlook on the Keruoac tradition.

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