Quotes that were… "Zug zug."
And quotes that should have been… "Eegah! Dooboo Ringo Starr ma zugzug!" [trans.- Help! Ringo Starr is trying to rape me!]

Another oddity I’m proud to own. Ringo Starr has quite the weird film collection behind him (this, THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN, CANDY, SEXTETTE, THE POINT). Honestly, the film’s biggest “bad” flaw is also what makes it incredibly its own movie. The characters speak, you see, only in Caveman-ese. That’s right, with only one exception, there is not a lick of English spoken in the entire film. This allows for a nice throwback to the slapstick of silent films of yore which isn’t too poorly executed here. Plus, the film at least stays true to its own internal linguistics so you can actually learn the words for eat, drink, and zug-zug. Speaking of the latter, the only kinda creepy part (actually, it’s really creepy) is seeing Ringo Starr repeatedly attempt to rape the sleeping wife of a fellow caveman. That, maybe, I could have done without (but it does help to know in real life she married Ringo).

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