Casino Royale

Quotes that were… "It's depressing that the words "secret agent" have become synonymous with "sex maniac."
And quotes that should have been… "Things may seem confusing thus far, I should probably take this opportunity to explain exactly what is going on."

You probably didn't know it, but the problem with most James Bond films is that only one person plays the titular spy. CASINO ROYALE solves this problem by having every character in the whole damn movie play Agent 007. Also, and you probably didn't know this either, the problem with most movies in general is that there is only one director. CASINO ROYALE has five! And most scripts only have two, maybe three writers. CASINO ROYALE? Twenty. Most movies have a star. CASINO ROYALE'S star quit halfway through production. But don't worry, things don't get confusing at all. If you still think I'm talking about the latest James Bond flick, think again. The Daniel Craig version is, actually, the third adaption of Fleming's novel to film. The first was a 195smrghghg live television broadcast of CLIMAX! theatre and the second is what I'm referring to today: the 1967 insane asylum "starring" Peter Sellers. It's actually quite fitting that there are three CASINO ROYALES since one of the central "jokes" of the 1967 film is that every character is named James Bond and the question of who really is James Bond is very much up in the air. The film collapses under its own madness, but there is a distinctive pleasure in watching things fall apart… the falcon cannot see the falconer… CASINO ROYALE.

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