Cannibal Holocaust

by Dan Angell

There have been lots of gory, bloody, brutal movies made through the years. There have been movies with rape, murder, and slaughter of live animals. But in the history of movie murder and mayhem there has been nothing that can possibly compare to Cannibal Holocaust. It has it all: gang rape, genocide, impaling, ruthless murder, decapitation, slaughter of live animals (the movie was made before animal rights, so all the animals killed in the movie are actually being killed), and yes, cannibalism.

This movie revolves around a biologist, Harold Monroe (Robert Kerman) who along with a couple natives goes into the Amazon Rain forest in search of 4 missing documentarians who were shooting a movie about the local cannibal tribe. They discover film shot by the team and he takes it back to the United States to watch it with the studio they were shooting for. He watched some of it and told the studio they couldn't use it because it was disgusting. However they were unconvinced, so he took them into the screening room to show them what he had seen. The film was un-cut, so they saw everything.

The film showed the truth about the "famous" team. They were horrible people who were only their to exploit the people and make them look like savages. The documentary shows them killing tribesmen, raping women, and burning villages, and then shows their fate. The three men of the team were slaughtered and eaten, and the woman was gang-raped and then murdered. Charming movie, no?

In the end of the movie the studio is horrified and decides not to show the movie, and the biologist feels better about the fact that the team got what they deserved. The movie is clearly not for the faint of heart. It isn't pretty and it should not be watched alone. The plot is interesting enough, but the movie is more of a "visual" entertainer. Coming from a guy who on his anniversary had a candle lit dinner with his girlfriend and then proceeded to watch "The Exorcist," this movie is not romantic and I do not suggest watching it with anyone you may want to score points with. However, if you are sitting at home late at night with several friends and lots of beer, then pull it out and have a ball.

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