Broken Arrow

Quotes that were… We haven't met. I'm Max. You probably thought I was a computer nerd, didn't ya? Ha-ha-ha, wrong! I was a Navy SEAL, lady. You really should see what I can do… with just my thumb."
And quotes that should have been… "Get me Premier Kissoff!"

More John Travolta! He really is one of the big players of my collection. This time he has the obnoxious snivelling of Christian Slater (see Alone in the Dark) to help him out. Plot: Travolta steals some atomic bombs from a stealth plane in the desert. We then have a race between Slater (the good guy) and Travolta (with various henchmen including Howie Long who, as usual, plays Howie Long) for possession of the bombs. It’s directed by John Woo, who is second only to Michael Bay on my most-hated-directors list. Ugh, what horrible aesthetics and stupidly over-the-top action (apparently, this is actually low key for a Woo movie). And the music! This annoying throwback to the wah-wah-wah of old Clint Eastwood flicks. Sheesh. Anyway, bang bang, (nuclear) boom boom, that’s the movie.

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