Barney's Great Adventure: The Movie

Quotes that were… "I love you / you love me / we're a happy family…"
And quotes that should have been… "Oh, thank god, Mr. Arnold… AAAAAAAAH!"

There’s a lot of bad movie material lying in Family sections of movie stores across America, and so far I haven’t seen too many other reviewers pursuing them. But kids films are often hilarious in their ham-fistedness. Granted, they’re supposed to be—you've got to get those messages across—but for an educated adult the feeling I often get is that I’m watching bad propaganda with songs and bright colors. And Barney is the propaganda king. The thesis of the film is to use your imagination. The children do this with the help of Barney on a farm. That’s the film…oh, except some other yellow dinosaur keeps running around asking the audience if they have seen her blanket. Hilariously, the blanket is always in plain view when she asks these questions. So what, is the film so lazy as to try to teach kids only the meaning of the word “blanket?” That’s what I call unimaginative.

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