American Idol

by Dan Angell

Last night around 8 o'clock I was flipping through the channels, seeing if BOSTON LEGAL was back on after it's hiatus for DANCING WITH THE STARS. While I was at it I figured I would check to see if HOUSE was playing. Lucky for me I stumbled across a brand-spanking-new season of AMERICAN IDOL. That's right sports fans, the show that launched a thousand spin-offs is back. Fortunately for all of us, this season promises to be filled with the oddest, craziest, bitchiest batch of lunatics yet. If you ever wanted to watch a show were people will seemingly do anything to get onto television, this is the one. Oh yes, I mean anything: wear sparkles and scream "victory!" then curse the judges when they don't like her, wear fishnets and a STAR WARS belt buckle and claim you are "unique," or get a full body wax and wear a Princess Leia bikini. One person actually sang a song he himself wrote about how he was going to stalk one of the judges. I mean have we sunk that low as to do ridiculous things just to be put on television for the rest of the country to laugh at? Apparently so.

The only sentiment I can be left with at a time like this is: "There certainly are a lot of singing transvestites."

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