It took me three tries to get all the way through this film mainly because it is absolutely revolting to watch. It has the grotesquerie of a horror film but without the campy fun. It's probably because all the voice actors (it's dubbed into English) speak only in monotone. Kathy something-or-other gets kidnapped by some South American head hunters who chop off the heads of her parents. Kathy has to run around the whole movie naked (how convenient) and suffer/learn from the ways of this Indian tribe (this is the gruesome stuff).

Whoever did the make up effects really spared no expense. When you get shot in the head for example, your head literally explodes into various grisly chunks. It’s graphic and unfunny and a little multi-culturally suspect. There is a twist ending though, which I admit I really didn’t see coming (I guess all the gore didn’t let me think about it too much). Definitely an interesting film and ultimately, I think, worth the effort.

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