A weird kung-fu/sexploitation flick. It features the requisite, seedy nudity and sex scenes plus a dose of kung-fu fighting by its heroine. Additionally, it features some of the most obnoxiously dumb, low-rent villains I’ve seen in a while.

Basically, the whole plot features some cheap pimp/drug dealer chasing down the female lead, Billie, trying to get vengeance based on the fact that she karate-chopped a couple of his henchmen for trying to steal the tires off her car (???). In the process he stalks and murders her grandparents, wreaks havoc etc. Let it go for Pete’s sake!

I admit I have some pretty weird tastes, but frankly I'm just not the kind of person this film appeals. Sure, there's nudity, but it's a grungy nudity shot with a poor lighting director. Then there's violence, but it's based on cheesy kung-fu and rubber switchblades… also shot in poor lighting.

Skip it.

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